Photography arouses the senses – especially if it is outdoors. ‘L’association C’était Où? C’était Quand?’ explores in a unique setting the link between photography and it’s link with the spectators own experiences and memories.

In an outside loaction in a remote area in Luxembourg finds itself an open-air gallery. Here, one can take the time to breathe and reflect amongst a series of photos, following a story with many repetitive, logical, unpredictable phases, until it stops at a halt. Surrounding the theme of memories, a walk through this garden throws the observer in the photographers own discreet adventure, allowing a personal reflection whilst creating new one’s in that very instant. A meditative journey through the gardens with the natural, green surroundings creates a peaceful mindset. From a collection of photographers from the Clervaux gallery’s very own archives discover a mysterious series of images.

Image 14 © Album privé La Conserverie