A selection of cult vintage photographes of the 1960’s-1970’s are be shown at The Fabian & Claude Walter Galerie. A collection of Jill Freedman’s award-winning images are presented, demonstrating her humoristic street photography of America. Captivated by New York, her documenting skills of the city became prominent in the history of photography. Freedman seems to be drawn to the bizarre, the unexpected and the inexplicable – the loneliness of the individual, the spookiness of the circus and the everyday mystery of the streets. It is often difficult to determine whether she means her photographs to be haunting or hilarious, crude or cheerful. From her most acclaimed pictures from the series Circus Days (1975), New York City (throughout the 70’s), and her most intensive documentaries are Firehouse (1977) and Street Cops (1982), these are just a collection of those displayed in this Swiss gallery. 

Photos by © Jill Freedman

FABIAN & CLAUDE WALTER GALERIE -Rämistrasse 18, CH-8001 Zürich, P.O. Box 675, CH-8024 Zürich