J’aimer regarder les filles is a quirky exhibition of stolen photos, secret, private, dark, light-hearted, amusing. These many photos touch on many emotions in regard to the subject of voyeurism, between looking under skirts and capturing an inch of thigh or a pretty smile. From a large collection from different archives over many years, places and women in all shapes and forms are observed through a type of admiration and photography.  Photographers included such as the amateur from England, with an air of Lewis Carroll or even the contempories such as Kōhei Yoshiyuki, Merry Alpern, L.O.R. or Olivier Kervern. From 1890 to 1980 – a century of women conserved in a small gallery just outside Paris to be peered upon once again.

© L.O.R., courtesy Galerie Lumière des roses

Galerie Lumière des roses – 12-14 Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau, Montreuil, France