A feeling of power can surface through a picture, it can be terrifying or influential. This exhibition demonstrates the idea of power through war and peace in a large collection of photographic archives covering many eras of history. Examples of racism, poverty, terrorism dominate this series, yet, thanks to the medium of film it allows the spectator to try and find beauty in the ugliness of the world. Through photojournalism and reportage, photography has taken an interesting place in history, becoming a vital piece of evidence of humanity. With a vaste selection of photos chosen by the large team working at Magnum, an array of historical events are captured from black and white film to colour. There is an in-depth choice of photos displayed, both model showpieces and unexhibited works. The photographers vary from one extent to another, such as Herni-Cartier Bresson famous photo of Gestapo informer at Dessau transition camp (1945) to Eva Arnold’s shot of Marilyn Monroe on set of the Misfits (1960). This variety of photographs creates a rich core of photographic content allowing Magnums high-standard material to manifest itself in their showroom.

USA. North Carolina. 1950.© Elliot Erwitt Magnum photos

Magnum Print Room, 63 Gee Street, London, EC1V 3RS