With a passion for night and lust, Gérard Musy began to photograph in the late 70s. Between New York, London and Paris, he plunged into the excitement of these cities’ nightlife. In fashion shows backstage, at private parties and nightclubs that illuminated the 80s, or in the hidden mystery of the S/M scene, Gérard Musy transfigured desire, beauty and fantasy into vivid and vibrant photographs.With this exhibition, the Swiss photographer, now living in Paris, offers us a journey through forty years of prints, playing with reflections and echoes between his images. We follow one photograph after another through visual links and this repetition of formal elements gives a sense of flow, an uninterrupted visual sequence. In this world of appearances, of women in finery, he makes an exhibition of beauty, a play of figurative rhythms, in a precarious balance between order and chaos. Gerard Musy went back to his archives for this exhibition, looking for vintage prints, mostly unpublished. Large spectacular prints echo on the walls of the gallery in a shock of colours, graphic lines, shadows and lights. Beyond, Lustre, Lamées, Leaves, Lontano/ Lejano and Back to Backstage, a composition of images unfolds, random snapshots of reality, sensual light bursts, in a true photographic euphoria!

© Gérard Musy

Galerie Esther Woerdehoff – 36 rue Falguière, 75015, Paris