For this project, Silomäki collected more than two-hundred personal stories written on online platforms from all over the world, from people completely unknown to him. He translated a selection of these stories into a series of photographs that are now on display in the exhibition. Together, they form a collective narrative, in which the personas behind the aliases begin to unfold. Taking these online records as a starting point, he travels to the places described in the scenarios and events and thus begins to recreate his own interpretation of their personas. “I’m showing classical surfaces of identification,” he says. The core of the work is to create the right atmosphere, the distilled, central tension that defines the life and persona behind each alias. Through the various sceneries and cultures of his protagonists, Silomäki leads the viewer to a certain intimacy: towards our very own core, where we all fear, desire, feel, and dream alike.

© Jari Silomäki

Taik Persons – Lindenstrasse 34, 10969 Berlin