An array of different social-political views cover the walls of the Foam Fotografiemuseum from India, to Switzerland, to Iran. Twenty diverse photographers have been chosen to cover the walls of this photography museum, creating a visual representation of history. Each photographer in their own way convey different pressing issues of today’s society while displaying their own views towards media, terrorism, ecology and human interactions. A cluster of different techniques are used to make each photographer have their own voice. A cluster of ideas roam the museum such as Boy Playing Girl by Vasantha Yogananthan, which raises the idea of gender and culture in India which is focused around the choice of soft yet bright colours. Between the twenty photographers each giving a different vision of the world in retrospect to their country, identity and beliefs. From the use of photographic collages or the diverse choice of displays, colours and subjects, the museum contains a large choice of thought-provoking content to look at.

© Boy Playing Girl, from the series A Myth of Two Souls, Janakpur, Nepal, 2016, Vasantha Yogananthan

Foam Fotografiemuseum – Keizersgracht 609, 1017 DS Amsterdam