Deauville, a french seaside town has invested into many photographers through the years when it hosts an annual photography festival, looking for fresh talent. This year, five more photographers will go head to head to compete for the title of Deauvilles young talents through the the foundation of Louis Roederer. All projects encompass various visual angles revolving around the town. The winner will be chosen the 28th of October. To accompany this, an exhibition of Lyna Laird‘s work will be there to delve into while awaiting the results. Lyna Laird, last years award winner, having won for her sensitive and pertinent traces left from the Second World War within the town : from everyday, to buildings and it’s inhabitants. Deauville once again, for a few days will be photography crazy, so get ready to witness a town gathering together for such an event.

A la croisée des visages © Betty Bogaert

Salle des Fêtes – 118 ter, Avenue de la République, 48000, Deauville, France