Uniforms create part of an individuals identity. Charles Fréger has taken on the project since finishing his studies at the University of the Beaux-Arts to create a collection of series called ‘Uniforms’. This photographer is creating a large portfolio of individuals across the planet preserving through photography a part of world history. Tribes, folklore, jobs, small minorities: each group of individuals stands out from the next.Full of colours, formes, textures and flesh, each series contains it’s own characteristics and becomes a guessing game of countries. From images of Sikh regiments to mardi-gras costumes this exposition is full of colourful diversity. A historical and cultural photographic encyclopedia is created through his work. Through a diverse amount of costumes each individual has a photographic importance. The mirrored facial expressions, make-up, poise and gaze all are components of a vaste work of art. In a location that in itself could be seen as a setting for one of Frégers cultural photo shoots, the Center for the arts invites the for a visit through humour and fantasy.

 Photos by © Charles Fréger

Centre d’Art Contemporain de la Matmut
 425 rue du Château, 76480, Saint-Pierre-de-Varengeville