Elle is a collection of pictures that all at once depict the beauty of love, childhood and family from an outside perspective while throwing the spectator into this surrounding universe. Photographer Julien Magre subtly retraces his families history through the long winding road of photographs taken over the period of 18 years between 1999 and 2017. With over 300 pictures shot during that time, an intimate story unfolds with each image holding its main story and emotion through light and colour. A series that captures the unconditional love and rawness of a newly established family, this series proves to be an emotional journey. The exhibition, filled with lonely landscapes encompassing a lost feeling or pictures of his loved ones filling in that gap, invite the spectator to see these photos such as a guest in his own house.

The gallery that will host the series located in the French province accompanies the images through the feeling of a provincial, simple and fresh life.

©Julien Magre, series Elles

Galerie Le Réverbère, 38 Rue de Burdeau, 69001, Lyon