Shoot Gallery present to you a new solo show by Morten Andersen, with selected works from his newly released book Country.Rock. Morten Andersen is one of Norway´s leading figures in photography. Through his 21 photobooks and numerous exhibitions he has invited us into his shadowland. He is a sharp witness of his own surroundings and expresses them by creating his own stories of everyday existence, strange worlds, silent nature and unusual characters. His work occupies a unique space between the objective and the subjective, the illusory and the real. By turning his lens towards real places and real people he also brings in cultural, historical and political issues. – « Country.Rock is the result of several trips to northern Norway over a period of 3-4 years. Andersen is exploring the challenging nature and the vast unspoilt countryside as a contrast to the region’s small and remote communities. Cold, snowy terrain appears as untouched by human activity. Single figures stir into the vast, foggy distance in compositions reminiscent of the 19th century romantic painting. Pictures of wreckages create links between contemporary scenes and the underlying science fiction inspired narrative.

© Morten Andersen

Shoot Gallery – AS, Trelastgata 17, 0191 Oslo, Norway