This exhibition of Guido Guidi’s works ranging from the 60’s to the present is a statement, a statement of admiration of Guido Guidi’s fabulous vision of what is photography. The man who was trained as an architect and a painter is not attracted by monumental spaces but by « uncodified situations, unclear, open, misunderstood or misconceived« , what is beside, above, below, what is familiar or day-to-day to ourselves. As in his view « the spirit lies in simplicity, not in rhetoric« . A major figure amongst Italian contemporary photography, renowned for his depth of field and integrating it in a personal manner. This expands on his claim that he ‘was interested in everything: the portrait of a person, of a house  of a wall (…). Nothing was unimportant ; everything was worthy of attention‘. His works are on display in the SAGE gallery in Paris, a location of encounters between life and art.

Photo by © Guido Guidi

SAGE Paris – 1 Avenue de Lowendal, 75007 Paris, France