Midnight moment is at the same time an unconventional art exhibition and an incredibly overreaching one. Every night in June, from 11:57 p.m. to mid-night, any passerby in Times Square in New York can witness a massive display of Alex Prager’s Applause. Created by The Times Square Advertising Coalition and Times Square Arts, this monthly event presents a selected piece on the electronic billboards of the square. In this case, Prager’s shot of an applauding public couldn’t fit better with the exhibition format. “My recent work has been about capturing crowds and audiences, and this platform offers an opportunity to insert my work within what could be described as New York’s largest crowd” says Prager. His piece turns viewers’ expectations upside down, portraying the audience instead of the performers. This provocative act reflects the photographer’s interest in expanding the boundaries of performance out of the stage. The spectators are part of the performance as much as the actors. If you are in New York, don’t miss the chance to “perform”, witnessing Prager’s piece in Times Square.

Applause © Alex Prager

Times Square Arts , New York