Once again, another classic exposition this time presented by In Camera with around 20 frames of Louis Faurer’s work. From working on his vintage black and white stylish images. From capturing images to be used in Harpers Bazar, to be used in the famous collective expositions such as « In and Out of Focus » (1948) ou « The Family of Man » (1955). He had a very personal gaze which would be hence recognized for making such unique street photography which would inspire those like Diane Arbus or Garry Winogrand. Like many of his contemporaries looking for work in photography would steer towards magazines. But, unlike other photojournalistes, he turned towards fashion photography. This exposition shows a range of his work in a small Parisian gallery : chic & chic.

© Louis Faurer

In Camera Gallery – 21 rue Las Cases, 75007, Paris